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WHA Day 7 (Dental Team) - "Smiles All Around"

It truly has been a great experience on behalf of all of us on the dental team. Myanmar is a vast spacious beautiful country. Populated by some of the most polite and nicest people we have ever met.
Unfortunately in many remote areas, the people do not have the priviledge of consistent healthcare, in particular dental care. Upon seeing our first patients, we quickly realized that this was possibly their first time getting any form of dental care.

"A symtomatic upper right wisdom tooth impaction at maxillary sinus region with panoramic x-ray. I referred to a local oral surgeon and be scheduled for surgery next week after the prescribed antibiotics. The cost is about $15 locally compared to $5,000-$10,000 in the US. If the patient can not afford it, the social services will help cover to cost. An asymptomatic 10-year old parotid gland tumor on the right side of the face. I referred him for a biopsy and follow up by the local dental specialist." -Thang B. Pham, DDS

" This is my second trip with WHA since 2010. I was assigned to do the gross scaling for the periodontal patients. I have never seen a patient that had very heavy accumulation of calculus in my whole life. Most of them ha very poor dental hygiene and severe periodontitis. I had to numb them up for a better job in 15-20 minutes for each patient. They are very brave and lovely people. I like their food, the country and the Myanmar people. I will be back again!" -Dr. Nu Dang DDS

"This is my first medical mission and I must say everone is very professional and compassionate" -Khoa Nguyen, DDS

The whole team knows their responsibilities and will do whatever it takes to help the locals. Many patients have numerous conditions and at times it may seem overwhelming. But seeing their anxious faces, and hearing about some of them traveling 10km by foot to see us, gives us that extra push.

Each day we are exhausted, some of us fall asleep on the bus returning the hotel but no one complaint as we all know these people need us.

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