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WHA Day 6 - "Myanmar Happy"

Today marks the half-way point of our medical mission in Myanmar.
After four grueling days of work in three different hospitals the team had a chance for a short break to explore the country. It has been non-stop since the day we landed and the team is thankful for a moment to rest and reflect on the trip thus far. Our next destination is Inle Lake, the second largest lake in Myanmar and one of the highest at an altitude of 2,900 ft. The team got to see a glimpse of the daily lives of the local farmers and fishermen living in houses made of wood on bamboo stilts due to the rise in water levels. Here the fishermen are known for their unique rowing style which involves balancing on my leg and using the other to row. Among some breathtaking vistas the team visited the Phaung Daw Oo Paya temple, learned how the fibers of a lotus flower stem was tediously made into fabric, and tasted the local foods specific to this region of Myanmar.

One of the things we are truly grateful for are our dedicated support staff who include: Thao Phan (IT Support), MaiThy Nguyen (Finance and Pharmacy Assistant), Duke Nguyen (Travel & Logistics), Mai Nguyen (Staff Support), and Tuan Nguyen (Documentarian). This is the largest group WHA has had on a medical mission and order to coordinate such a big team we need a strong support staff to help organize.


"Seeing how so many people here who need our help seeing WHA members work so hard. Some even skipping lunch just to save time to see patients makes me proud to be part of support team. We are always extending our work hours to see extra patients coming from miles away and having to wait for hours."

-Duke Nguyen, Logistics and Transportation

"I enjoy meeting everyone on the team. Everyone is so friendly and always making me laugh."

-MaiThy Nguyen, Finance

"I appreciate that everyone on this medical mission are like minded and are here working together for a common goal of helping others. My favorite part of this trip so far is the boat ride at Inle Lake "

-Thao Phan, IT Support

"This is my forth medical mission with WHA and each one continues to amaze me with how much medical relief is needed in different parts of the world. I'm reminded of the humanity we have for one another and also inspired by the amazing team I get to support. The Burmese are one of the kindest people I have met. In every new location they are so gracious in welcoming, I will never forget their smiles. A member of MMCWA have been working with us throughout this entire trip and today she said, "Myanmar Happy." She explained that the people of Myanmar are very happy that WHA is here to help provide help. I know that WHA team has impacted the lives of hundreds of people here."

-Tuan Nguyen, Documentarian


The WHA team held a appreciation ceremony on the last morning at Inle Lake. This gave us a change to thank the hard work and dedication of the MMCWA Medical and Dental staff. Although this is our first mission to Myanmar we are already working as cohesive partners.

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